This year our Year 11 ICT Certificate 2 students were fortunate to be given the task to build a top spec PC for use by our senior school 3D Design, Photography and ICT classes.

The main brief was the machine must be capable of displaying and editing 4K video at 60 frames per second to cater for our new video cameras, and in addition create an instructional video to show future year groups how to build computers.

Not only was this a rare and fantastic opportunity to create a cross-curricula resource for many students, completing this rich task also allowed the builders to achieve six competencies in their Certificate course - way above what was required to pass the units - as well as learn professional video production values and techniques.

Clarkson Community High School is very proud of their achievements and the quality of the video they produced. Well done to Jaylen Worsfold, Cyrus Northey, Sean Mills and Leahcim Peke!

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