Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Aims and Philosophy

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Our Aims

Clarkson is a community based high school with a particular focus on:

Academic Performance:  We strive for excellence in the achievement of learning outcomes, whereby every student is encouraged to achieve his or her personal best

Personal Development: We strive to encourage students' self esteem and enhance in them the development of a positive attitude to life-long learning

Community Involvement: We strive to develop and maintain links with the community that will ensure that learning extends beyond the classroom and is inclusive of parents, care givers and the wider community

The purpose underpinning all that we do at Clarkson CHS is to enable students:

  • to be successful learners, who develop and achieve their individual academic potential and personal excellence
  • to make the best possible choices they can, based upon the information available, their beliefs and their particular context
  • to "own their own behaviour", and be responible for this and to accept consequences
  • to develop understanding of others including cultural acceptance
  • to contribute to the wider community
  • to learn skills, including the skills of enquiry, innovative thinking and problem solving
  • to appreciate and develop a concern for the environment


Our Philosophy

A set of fundamental principles guides the teaching and learning practices of Clarkson Community High School. Our aim is to provide an educational environment where each student can develop:

  • self confidence, initiative, self discipline and resilience
  • skills in relating to and working with others, including the skills of team work, communication and respect for others
  • transferable life skills in job seeking, decision making and goal setting
  • effective literacy skills
  • effective numeracy skills
  • skills in maintaining good health, persoanl fitness and well being
  • an understanding of the society in which we live, how we interact with others from different cultural backgrounds and the responsibility of citizenship
  • skills and abilities in technology and an appreciation of the role of technology in our society
  • an appreciation of, and confidence to participate in The Arts
  • an understanding of the natural world and scientific principles
  • skills of communication in a language other than English



School Code

All students have the right to learn and all teachers have the right to teach free from disruption. In addition all students and staff have the right to:

  • be treated courteously and with respect
  • work in a clean and safe environment
  • have their property cared for and respected
  • be free from verbal and physical abuse
  • expect all members of the school community to abide by education department regulations
    be listened to at the appropriate place and time
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