English Teacher Eve Kiddie writes for Education Today.

"Biomimetics, is defined as the copy-catting of ingenious ideas in the natural world. One borrowable concept is the power of three, exemplified in geometry’s shape, the triangle: “… fundamental to … our environments, both physical and virtual…they are exceptionally strong.” (University of Cambridge 2016, p 1) At quantum level, the Rule of Threes is an: “effect that requires three components … to ‘act like’ Borromean rings, an ancient symbol of three interconnected circles…if any one of the rings is removed … the structure falls apart"

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The question of how to move a teacher from their current level of effectiveness to a higher level of effectiveness is a challenging question and there is not one simple solution. Thomas Jones, Head of English writes for Education Today magazine.

Yesterday saw twenty Year 7 and 8 Clarkson CHS students participate in the The Kid’s Cancer Project’s Write a Book in Day Competition

By Tom Jones, English & HaSS Head of Learning Area.

During a recent General Staff Meeting, Physical Education Teacher In Charge Liam Mooney, Upper School Coordinator Carys Hurcom and Arts Teacher In Charge Ryan Thornicroft, shared their peer observation stories and discussed the rationale behind their team’s processes as part of Clarkson CHS’s 2019 De-Privatising Our Teaching Practice project. When teacher teams design their own peer observation processes, the ownership and agency increase engagement and our collective efficacy. We look forward to evaluating the project's impact in Semester Two.

Wednesday 8th May - Monday 13th May, 3:15pm – 4:15pm in the Library

Year 7 and 9 students are invited to attend NAPLAN preparation classes commencing on Wednesday 8th May and concluding on Monday 13th May.

NAPLAN is online this year so students will need to feel comfortable typing in examination conditions. The classes will focus on past NAPLAN exam and developing your child’s touch typing skills.

Please visit our school’s NAPLAN preparation website https://sites.google.com/view/lscchs/naplan and NAPLAN practice test webpage https://www.nap.edu.au/online-ass…/public-demonstration-site

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