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SCHOOL partnerships are supporting police engagement with students at Clarkson Community High School and Yanchep District High School.

The WA Police and Community Youth Centres (PCYC) is expanding its youth services into the North West Metropolitan area, using funds provided by the Department of Local Government and Communities.

Program co-ordinator Christine Howard said the service expansion would engage with local youth, with the first outreach event planned at Yanchep District High School this Friday.

“The project has undertaken comprehensive community consultation to identify the extent of the need in the region, current service delivery gaps, and ‘hot spots’ where intervention is required for youth at risk aged 13 to 17,” she said.

“This is an exciting opportunity for PCYC to strategically consult stakeholders in order to implement both mobile outreach, educational programs and recreational activities for youth at risk.

“This initiative aims at reducing and preventing crime risk situations by engaging and enabling school-age youth to socialise, participate in community-building activities and learn new skills.”

Clarkson Community High’s daily breakfast club has also opened avenues of engagement, with officers from Clarkson Police Station attending once a month to help feed students.

Principal John Young said the school had run breakfast club on Fridays for the past five years, but this year extended it to every weekday.

“Nourishing students sets them up for a good day at school to help make learning more effective,” he said.

“Socialising with one another each morning before school helps builds relationships and is a positive way to start the day.

“WA Police attend once every month on a Friday to help cook breakfast and interact with kids. This helps build relationships between local Clarkson police officers and the students.” Last week Mark Folkard MLA for Burns Beach also attended the Clarkson Breakfast Club.

PCYC’s June 23 event will be at Yanchep DHS from 3pm to 5pm, when teenagers can participate in skateboarding, BMX bikes, PlayStation and other sports and talk to youth workers.

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