Clarkson Community High School put on its latest musical production recently.

A message from the Director……

It is always a challenge putting on any show; however with a musical this triples as we struggle to get our students to sing, dance and act at the same time as keeping in character, being enthusiastic and remembering lines!

As always the weeks leading up to the Show have been filled with anxiety, trepidation and nerves, but I am always pleasantly surprised with the quality of performance and the dedication that our students here at CCHS display.
“GROOVY” has been a joyful experience for me to be involved in and I hope that the students feel that when they reflect on their involvement in it they too will feel the same.

My special thanks must go to Mrs Ruth MacDonald (Musical Director) for all her hard work with the band and for turning our non-singers into competent vocal performers, to the Arts girls for their tireless work in helping with setting up, painting sets/posters and for agreeing to perform in the show (thanks Leonie and Rachel), Mrs Wendy Hillier for her outlandish and enthusiastic performance as Mrs Porter and for ensuring we were fed at all our rehearsals and finally to my family who put up with me not being at home on a Sunday afternoon for the last 3 months!

For all the craziness, crying and cajoling…we got there in the end! I hope you all have a far out and funky time watching the show.