Big things are happening at Clarkson Community High school when it comes to internet technologies. As you can see, our website is packed with high-tech features and looks great. However, Clarkson is working hard towards becoming a technology-focused school, therefore with this vision in mind, the school and its Webmaster are rapidly moving forward to add more interactive features that will compliment our existing site.


Firstly, staff members will soon be able to access a brand new portal that will include an online document manager, staff news and educational news headlines, access to web applications such as a room booking system and many more.

This resource will potentially lead to a great improvement in efficiency and will facilitate the use and learning of computer-based teaching strategies immensely.

Picture shows the staff portal front page featuring current educational policy and news





Secondly, the students will soon have their own portal with an interface designed by Year 12 Applied Information Technology students.

This will include a "control panel" for regularly used services which will tie in with the look of our existing website and our recently updated Moodle service.

For those who are unaware, Moodle is an online course delivery system that teachers can run themselves and students can access anywhere.

Picture shows a typical course on our Moodle system




Finally, a small group of staff members are in the process of setting up Clarkson Community High School's new Alumni Community.

They hope that a new online facility, currently being tested, will bring together 10 years of former students and staff to catch up, share information and organise reunion events. Features will include online photo galleries, an interactive message forum, member profiles, featured alumni and many other community-driven services.

For more information watch this space!

Picture shows an extract post from the Alumni Community Forums