My name is Louise Hall and I am one of the Deputy Principals at Clarkson. This year I will be responsible for Year 7 alongside Ms Georgia Meyers as the Year 7 Year Coordinator.
We are so excited to welcome your child and family to Clarkson Community High School (CCHS).
Together our hope is to work alongside you to facilitate your child’s academic, personal and social growth through a range of pastoral and academic activities throughout the year.
On Monday 1st February, your child will meet with the rest of the year group at 8:45am in the Science Foyer. Please reassure them that there will be a lot of staff to help guide them to the correct location. You are also welcome to come in and meet us when you drop your child off.
From there, students will be allocated form classes. Their form teacher will provide students with timetables and provide all the information required for a smooth start at Clarkson.
Throughout Week 1 from 11:30am-1:30pm, all Year 7 students will take part in our orientation program, “The Clarkson Way’. The program is as follows:
  • Tuesday: Scavenger hunt and team games
  • Wednesday: STEM challenge
  • Thursday: Diagnostic testing
  • Friday: Excursion to Joondalup HBF Arena (letter will be given to students on Monday to bring home)
At CCHS we endeavour to make the transition from primary school to high school a positive one. In 2021 this will be supported by the implementation of our own Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program .
We understand the anxious, apprehensive feeling your child may be having prior to Monday, but hopefully by next Friday they are bursting to tell you all the fun things they have done and people they have met!
The image above shows the new timetable for our school day. On a Wednesday we start at 9:00am as we do not have an SEL class.
We look forward to meeting you all on Monday!